Portable Vacuum Sealer VC01

Portable Vacuum Sealer VC01


  • The vacuum sealer VC01 is the most affordable model.
  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Compatible with embossing seal bags Both roll and sheet type. 



  • 7 days easy returns
  • 1 year warranty for all machinery products


  • The vacuum sealer VC01 is the most affordable model.
  • Small size, easy to carry.
  • Compatible with embossing seal bags, both roll and sheet type. 

Vacuum-VC01 US Product.

In addition, VC01 can also be used as bag sealer without having to vacuum seal.

The vacuum sealer model VC01 is designed to be used with embossing vacuum seal bags only and suitable for DRY seal only



TVC (Product Introduction Video)



Vacuum Model - VC01-01




Extend food shelf life


Can be used with a variety of foods such as meat, fruit, dry food, cereals, and more.


Save space for storing food, helping to keep things organized in cabinets or refrigerators.


Large vacuum suction compartment fastens vacuum process.

Air release plug after the seal is finished. 


Alarm light indicating the operation of the machine.


2 mm seal strip, allowing the bag to be closed


Our vacuum sealer There are many more to choose from.


Industrial Vacuum Sealer-all-US


WHY US? What makes SGE Vacuum the best.

  • 6 months product warranty
  • 7-day replacement warranty.
  • An experienced team to look after and advise throughout the use.
  • Technician team ready to support and solve any problem
  • Stock spare parts to support your order anytime
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Product assessment before shipping.



WHY US - VC01 - 2



  • Lowest price, suitable for new users
  • Prevent food from being directly exposed to the air maintain food quality Can be stored for 3 times longer.
  • Vacuum sealer works with all types of food such as meat, fruit, dry food, cereal
  • Save space for storing food and orderly in the refrigerator.
  • Reducing the smell of food caused by storing various kinds of food in the refrigerator.
  • Beautiful machine design 
  • The side locking system prevents leaks. Easy to use, just move the button
  • The width of the seal strip can be up to 25 centimetres.



Details Information
Vacuum sealer VC01
Current 220 V or general home power
Electric power 100W
Body size outside 36 x 5.4 x 5
Bodyweight 0.6 kg.
Air pressure ( – 0.8 bar )
Supported bag size 30cm


BAGS (Bags used in conjunction with VC01)

  • Vacuum seal: embossing vacuum seal bag
  • Bag sealing: hot bags, cooler bags, embossing vacuum seal bags, smooth vacuum seal bags



Control panel-VC-01-US

STEP BY STEP (product sealing procedure Vacuum machine)


1. Place the product in the bag. Open the lid to put the bag into the vacuum suction compartment.


2. Close the lid, lock the side door. Press the green button to start. Use the hand to hold down the lid. For faster vacuum suction


3. Wait until the light is red.




Crispy fish before vacuum seal / After vacuum seal, all air is out, save space


Chicken breasts before vacuum sealing / Fresh chicken breast after vacuum sealed


Dried banana before and after sealing


WHAT IN THE BOX (What’s in the box?)



Demonstration video Vacuum pump VC01



  • The size of the bag and the product inside the bag should be relative. If the bag is too large The suction tongue will be attached to the bag causing suction. 
  • Clean the machine And the inner vacuum seal chamber after every use to prevent clogging
  • Allow the machine to rest every time during use for 10-15 seconds to preserve the device
  • Do not use with water products. 
  • Clean the seal strip to prevent the seal strip from burning resulting in unable to seal bag
  • If the Teflon seal strip starts to burn, replace immediately


(Product Warranty Conditions)

Warranty for a new device from the date of purchase is 1 year. This warranty does not cover any products or parts. That has been damaged or damaged due to
1. There are abnormal conditions in the form of a broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, deformed, cracked, pierced, missing part.

2. The product has been modified, or repaired by someone other than the company service center.

3. There is a condition that should not occur with normal use or incorrect storage, such as water stains, rust marks, moss, burns

4. Products have been used incorrectly or have incorrect storage. Or an accident with the product

5. Damage caused by connecting peripherals

6. Product damage due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning etc.

7. Damage caused by natural disasters

8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

*** Note

– If the product is not within the warranty terms, customer can send the machine to our service center to repair at a cost



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  2. Order from SGE Facebook inbox: www.facebook.com/sgesg

  3.  Order by phone at: (+65) 88914519



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