Meat Mincer/Grinder MGA (120-150kg/hour)

Meat Mincer/Grinder MGA (120-150kg/hour)


Meat grinder – all-in-one machine with an improved grinder head design from the MGA code grinder. The machine can grind small size, large size, or cut meat into medium-sized pieces in a short time.

The multi-function machine can be used with many different types of meat. Different types of cutting heads, multi-functional activities such as puree, sliced ​​meat, or sliced ​​meat according to the need of using


  • 7 days easy returns
  • 1 year warranty for all machinery products


2 in 1 multi-purpose meat grinder -MGA makes your food preparation easier, pureeing, or shredding can be done in a snap.

The performance is definitely worth the money. Fast working speed, mechanically ground meat will be 10 times finer than hand grinding.


Special thing about the machine!! This model can be grinded and sliced simultaneously without changing the blade.

<< Grind food such as meat, fish very quickly, puree and evenly more than a dozen times more than grinding by hand.

<< Slice food such as fish meat, vegetables into pieces to prepare dishes. The capacity is unlimited, since the machine works completely automatically.

<<Slice into fibers (fish meat, seaweed, tofu …) is also very easy. Do not worry about unevenly sliced fibers or have to slice one by one. Just put all the raw materials in the machine will extrude into fibers are toothpick, meeting business standards always



304 stainless steel body,  100% food safety

Capacity up to 150kg / h

Detachable each part Easy to wash and clean

1. Put the ingredients to be ground ready on the tray

2. Slowly put the ingredients into the blender throat

3. The machine starts to grind. This step should slowly add the ingredients

4. The results obtained after grinding

Review 2-in-1 meat grinder

How good is SGE meat grinder?

– Compatible with ingredients such as beef, pork, fish, vegetables …

– The maximum working capacity of the machine is up to 150kg / h

– Can be used as a chilli powder grinder.

– Multiple function with different cutting heads that can be used in puree mode, slice or shred according to your needs.

– Sharp, durable blade, specially designed for pureeing, grinding, or cutting cartilage easily

– Motor in pure copper with capacity up to 1300w is extremely powerful

– Machine material is made from 304 stainless steel, thick, ensures 100% food safety

– All main parts of the machine can be removed for easy cleaning

– The product is warranted for quality with after-sales services

2 in 1 meat grinder specifications




Electricity supply


Engine supply



3.3 Amps

Size machine



Stainless steel

Weight machine


Grinding capacity


Instructions for using the 2-in-1 meat grinder

Meat grinders and chilli blenders with ingredients will be tested today

Lemongrass grind test. The grinder is very fast, the results are impressive

The whole chili like this, just thinking of grinding/pounding by hand is already tired

Pour a whole basket of chili into the machine and grind one is done

TIP: After grinding meat, fish, vegetables or spices, if you want to preserve the food for longer, SGE recommends using a vacuum sealer to increase food shelflife to 3 times

The main parts structure

2 in 1 meat grinder

2-in-1 meat grinder with a capacity of 240-270W, using 220V power. The structure of the machine includes the following 7 main parts:

Square flat tray, articulated with the machine throat, used to store ingredients before grinding

Throat machine (raw material inlet)

It is the material pipe to the blade of the mill Use the stuffing bar to stuff / push the ingredients down

Blended/sliced ​​blades

It is the main tool used to grind/slice ingredients, with both helix and serrated types, cutting both bone and cartilage. You can puree, slice, or slice, depending on your needs

Honeycomb cover (raw output)

White plastic hopper with small spout, used for extruding / stuffing meat (outlet) to make sausage

Flat round with many small round holes, is the place where the ground raw materials are extruded into a beautiful fiber shape

Sticking material

The white hard plastic bar used to stuff/push ingredients into the machine throat and down the blender blade

Sausage stuffing funnel

Model of the product using the meat grinder

Meat before put in the blender

After grinding for a short time

The chicken is fresh before putting it in the blender / chopper

Image of machine stuffing sausage meat

Design of the meat grinder 2 in 1

Meat mincer (Meat mincer) uses 220V power source, the motor power of 850-1100W, suitable for restaurants. The machine consists of 7 main parts as follows:

Tray for meat before grinding

Square tray, articulated with a meat compartment. This is the part that holds the ingredients before grinding

Meat compartment

It is the compartment leading to the meat grinder system of the machine. The meat compartment is responsible for meat stamping

Meat blender/slicer

Tools for grinding or slicing are located in the front pipe of the machine, both in the form of a hopper and in the form of a blade. Use to cut bone or cartilage, puree, slice, or slice thin fibers according to the cutting head that we use.

Honeycomb / mesh grinder

Characterised by a round plate with many small holes, used to leak meat into beautiful fibers

The control motor works inside the machine


Stick the meat into the grinding chamber system

White plastic bar, small weight used to compress, stuff the meat into the grinding chamber

Meat hopper

The hopper is small in size, used to catch meat easily, and is convenient for sausage making

(Product Warranty Conditions)

Warranty for a new device from the date of purchase is 1 year. This warranty does not cover any products or parts. That has been damaged or damaged due to
1. There are abnormal conditions in the form of a broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, deformed, cracked, pierced, missing part.

2. The product has been modified, or repaired by someone other than the company service center.

3. There is a condition that should not occur with normal use or incorrect storage, such as water stains, rust marks, moss, burns

4. Products have been used incorrectly or have incorrect storage. Or an accident with the product

5. Damage caused by connecting peripherals

6. Product damage due to external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning etc.

7. Damage caused by natural disasters

8. Damaged products resulting from neglect not to clean after use

*** Note

– If the product is not within the warranty terms, customer can send the machine to our service center to repair at a cost



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